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My name is Tjade

I am a devoted neuroscientist and integrative therapist, with an extensive background that spans from deep understanding of human motion to the advancements in clinical Psycho-neuro-immunology.

My academic journey has equipped me with pioneering strategies in holistic health. Specialized training in manual therapy, breath training and psycho-education, combined with deep knowledge in orthomolecular medicine, allows me to offer you a unique therapeutic experience.

Every person is a universe of possibilities. I approach your health as a complex puzzle, where every piece is essential. With each session, we explore the landscapes of your internal ecosystem, addressing not just symptoms, but the root causes of discomfort, guided by the latest scientific advancements and time-honored holistic principles.

Start a journey with me, where your story is heard, your challenges met with compassion, and your health goals achieved with tailored care. Let's cultivate together a life of harmony and vitality, embracing the dynamic union of body and mind.


Education & Training

2021 - 2023

M.Sc. Applied Neuroscience

Kings College London

2020 - 2023

Master clinical Psycho-neuro-immunology

University of Salamanca / PNI Europe


Transformational Breathing Instructor

Breath Masters Academy


CBT - Insomnia

University of South Carolina


Intermitting Living Coach

KPNI Akademie


Mindfulness Teaching

Unified Mindfulness


Human Microbiome

KPNI Akademie


Explain Pain

Neuro Orthopaedic Institure


Human Microbiome

Wageningen University

2018 - 2019

Orthomolecular Medicine

Natura Foundation

2012 - 2016

B.Sc. Physiotherapy

Saxion University

2009 - 2012

B.Sc. Sports and Health Science

Hanze University


Manual Therapy Marsman

Marsman Institute

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