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Breath Therapy

Breathing pattern disorder (BPD) might sounds like something after lung injury but actually affects many people. Studies show that around 10% of the general population and up to 21% of adolescents suffer from BPD. I think these numbers are even higher because I see it everywhere, inside and outside of the clinical practice.  

Even among athletes and fit people, BPD is common and restricts utilizing their full potential. Many people go undiagnosed.

Breathing re-education might be one of the cheapest interventions and affects all aspects of health and performance.  

Symptoms of BPD are:

Feeling tense, dizziness, shortness of breath, sore muscles, fatigue, racing heart, cold hands or feet, anxiety, tingling fingers, bloated feeling in the stomach and inability to breathe deeply.

(note; this list is incomplete. Please sent an email if you are curious about breath training)

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