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Insula Care Zürich

Centre for Lifestyle Medicine and Integrative Physiotherapy

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I am Tjade

A devoted Integrative Therapist & Neuroscientist

My extensive background spans from deep understanding of human motion to the advancements in clinical psycho-neuro-immunology.

Every person is a universe of possibilities. I approach your health as a complex puzzle, where every piece is essential. With each session, we explore the landscapes of your internal ecosystem, addressing not just symptoms, but the root causes of discomfort, guided by the latest scientific advancements and time-honored holistic principles.

Start a journey with me, where your story is heard, your challenges met with compassion, and your health goals achieved with tailored care. Let's cultivate together a life of harmony and vitality, embracing the dynamic union of body and mind.


Lifestyle medicine cPNI

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Clinical psycho-neuro-immunology (cPNI) is a lifestyle medicine that focuses on treating the root cause of an issue by looking for the mechanisms behind the symptoms. I use strategies from modern medicine including evidence based complementary techniques to support your health. Think about changes in diet, exercise, relaxation and sleep education complemented with natural supplements (nutraceuticals). I attribute great importance to the activation and support of the body's own resources and self-healing powers. In doing so, we respond to your individual needs and choose the optimal treatment plan together with you.

When Insula Care?

Insula Care is your go to place if you want to invest in personalised and sustainable health solutions through modern human-centered medicine.

Body, mind, immune system and metabolism are interconnected. Together they tell the story of your life. As a psychoneuroimmunologist I make a comprehensive analysis of your story and take all these elements into account during treatment. From the transformative power of cognitive-behavioral strategies that fortify your mental resilience to the latest discoveries of neuroscience and integrative medicine and time-tested practices, I harness the innate synergies of body and mind.

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Therapy as Collaboration

I can help you understand how your health is influenced by behaviour, programming and environment. Together we can find out how you can (re)gain control over these factors. I can help you take the drivers seat and gain responsibility over the process.  

I can help you when:

I can`t help you when:

- taking control over your health is A-priority

- you want to understand the HOW and WHY of health

- you are open for change and new strategies

- you are looking for a magic pill

- you are not interested in the cause of a condition

- you seek someone to solve a problem for you

L. Chaitow

"Treatments themselves do not cure, they restore the body's self-healing capacity"


RK, 2023

Great advice and a holistic view on sleep, health, nutrients and overall performance. Helped me excel as a professional athlete.
Gave me easy to apply tools to implement in my routine.

DS, 2023

Tjade excels in seamlessly integrating therapeutic solutions with personalised patient education, surpassing traditional care to empower individuals to actively participate in their well-being.

MM, 2023

Tjade provides a super exciting and valuable mix of scientifically based theory and practical tips for everyday life. Highly recommended!
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